The Peter Craig Spy & Crime Thriller Novels

“Of those [ex-MI6 novelists] that neatly bridged the gap between fact and fiction in the British intelligence community, among the most elegant was Kenneth Benton.”
– Nigel West, ‘Fiction, Faction and Intelligence‘, Intelligence and National Security

This website is devoted to the crime and spy thriller novels written by Kenneth Benton, and named for Peter Craig, the police troubleshooter and counterinsurgency specialist who is the hero of most of the novels.

In Kenneth’s words, Craig “was a character drawn from real-life, which is to say that police advisors like Craig really exist and I worked with them myself. For the hero of a thriller, this is a tremendous advantage, as he can be sent on assignment to Embassies in any part of the world.” The thriller novels were inspired by a mixture of real-life experience in MI6/SIS, extensive travel and a lively imagination.