The Tunisian Tangle – a 1970s thriller novel

Counterinsurgency expert Peter Craig finds himself in 1970s Tunisia, working with the security services as they try to cope with a rise in targeted robberies, and student protests that are boiling over into revolutionary violence on the streets.

Craig’s detective instincts tell him that the Western press’s headlines of popular unrest are missing more sinister forces at play, but who will listen? Certainly not the impetuous Daily News reporter Cleo, whose dogged pursuit of an exclusive leads them both into danger as the country hovers on the brink of civil war.

Praise for The Tunisian Tangle

“This skilfully exciting story contains a good severe pill under its sugar … considerably enjoyable, and as such will popularize its ideas.”
– H.R.F. Keating, The Times, 5.9.1974

“Kenneth Benton’s British agent is again involved with insurgents. He’s one of those chaps into whose laps quickly fall rebel secrets and beautiful girls … and if it’s all a game, Mr Benton does make it an eventful one, and easy to go with.”
– Oxford Times, 6.9.1974″

An enjoyable, convincing tale of high adventure.”
– West Lancashire Evening Gazette, 2.10.1974

“Benton’s inside knowledge of counter-insurgency gives Craig and the Tunisian Tangle that little bit of extra interest which makes a book stand out.”
– Violet Grant, Daily Telegraph, 10.10.1974

“The plot is full of action, most of it amid romantic Tunisian settings. Mr Benton is versatile and resourceful in devising plots and counterplots, and is making these revolutionary thrillers a genre of his own—with great success!”
– South Wales Argus, 12.9.1974

“Craig is an example of diplomacy in the suspenseful, action-packed world of international intrigue.”
– Reading for Pleasure, March 1975